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Sales is a Profession and an important component (next to Oxygen) in a Business 

Selling is at the heart of any business, you cannot afford not to update your skills. if you want to meet and exceed your sales quota. Get this eBook because it addresses the major issues confronting sales professionals and entrepreneurs today.


Here’s what you’ll learn from this eBook 

This eBook is short and straight to the points, its broken into three categories (Account Managers, Sales Managers & Business Owners or Entrepreneurs) , It shares insights on what is top of mind for B2B Sellers today, the customers and what can be done to address them to make your successful in your sales game. 

Social Selling

We are in a digital age, both sales professionals and Entrepreneurs must have a good grasp of social selling, how to prospect customer using platforms like LinkedIn; selling face to face is not enough.

Exceeding Sales Quota

In the end, it comes to the numbers, how much was sold? when and to whom? and is it profitable?. What is the role of forecasting in your business?.

Shared Challenges (Entreprenuers & Sales Professionals)

Common issues faced by Salespeople, Sales Managers and Business Owners e.g. Managing Customer Relationships, Sales Targets, Health & Wellness, Hiring, Compensation, Training etc.

Building and Sustaining Relationships

How well do you manage your relationships, with clients, with your colleagues, with your subordinates, your boss or your team? What is the role of social media platforms like Linkedin playing in this mix?

Get Started Right Away With YProven Techniques to Help You Excel at Your Sales Game

Suleiman Shaibu

Suleiman Shaibu is an author, a business consultant and leadership expert working with senior executives and businesses on their strategy, leadership and sales management challenges. His working experience span over two decades during which he worked for leading multinational organizations like Hewlett Packard (HP), Microsoft and Temenos (Switzerland).

He is a certified Clarity4D UK trainer, a Mind Map User and has attended management programs at Harvard & Lagos Business School. Suleiman teaches mind map to Corporate Clients and Children between ages 8 to 14. In 2018, Suleiman Shaibu co-authored a book with the renowned international author and speaker; Brian Tracy called “The Will To Win” 

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