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What you can expect to learn from this Webinar

Why Children Find it Easy to Learn Mind Mapping 

Children love colors and like to draw, Mind Mapping is easy to teach to children


What type of discussion we should have with children and teachers around Mind Mapping?

Importance of Mind Mapping To Career Development in the Digital Age

We shared a World Economic Report for 2022 Skills and showed how important Mind Mapping is to the skills of the future

Role of Parent, Teachers, Schools & Government

This webinar shows the different roles that parent, teachers, the school system and government can play in making the adoption of Mind Mapping part of the learning and school curricular

Uses and Application of Mind Maps in School & For Teaching 

How Mind Maps can be used for teaching, note taking, for studying and creative expression

How to Teach Mind Mapping to Children or anyone in minutes

A quick exercise to show how simple it is to teach children mind mapping and how its impact creativity

Learn What Role Parents & Teachers Must Play in Teaching Children Mind Mapping 

About the Facilitator

Suleiman Shaibu is an author, a business consultant and leadership expert working with senior executives and businesses on their strategy, leadership and sales management challenges. His working experience spans over two decades during which he worked for leading multinational organizations like Hewlett Packard (HP), Microsoft and Temenos (Switzerland). He is a certified Clarity4D UK trainer, a Mind Map User and has attended management programs at Harvard & Lagos Business School. Suleiman teaches mind map to Corporate Clients and Children between ages 8 to 14. In 2018, Suleiman Shaibu co-authored a book with the renowned international author and speaker; Brian Tracy called “The Will To Win”.